Marlies van der Wel (1984)

is a Dutch animator and illustrator whose short films have been recognised internationally at prestigious festival such as Berlinale, Toronto Film Festival and Sundance. Her award-winning shorts ‘Jonas and the Sea’ and ‘Sabaku’ were both the result of a collage process in which she weaves drawings, textures and random objects together. Her visual language express itself in detailed animations with minimal but natural movement. Characteristic for her storytelling, is addressing big themes in small packages; using simple images and words to tell stories that are emotional (but not tearjerkers), universal (yet still personal) and light-hearted (with a healthy dose of humour). Her latest short ‘Emily’ was the Dutch submission for the Academy Awards 2019.

Laurierstraat 248
amsterdam, Netherlands

Marlies van der wel
laurierstraat 248 - 1016PT - Amsterdam