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animated short

‘Jonas and the Sea’ is a 12-minute animated short film which tells the story of Jonas, a boy who decided early on in life that there was but one place on earth he wanted to be: the sea. Jonas doesn’t strive to merely be observing it, neither would he be happy to just swim in it, no, Jonas really wants to be a part of it. He spends all of his time combing the beach for items he could use to build his outlandish inventions which he hopes will transport him into a new life amongst the fish. As times goes on and Jonas becomes an older man, he ultimately has to face up to the fact that sadly time is running out for him to make his dream come true…

Apart from Jonas himself, the film is also the story of its own path of creation. Five years, three trips across the Netherlands to comb kilometres of beach, plus countless hours sketching. 150 shots were drawn using a collage technique that combines artwork with objects found on the Dutch coast. More details of the process and making-of here.

‘Jonas and the Sea’ had its international premiere at Berlinale, has been screened at over 170 festivals worldwide and was turned into a book in 2017. The online launch was at Short of the Week, spring 2018.

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